Commemoration of the International Counter Trafficking in Persons Day, 30th July 2020

“With the signing of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in Palermo, Italy, in December 2000, the international community demonstrated the political will to answer a global challenge with a global response. If crime crosses borders, so must law enforcement. If the rule of law is undermined not only in one country, but in many, then those who defend it cannot limit themselves to purely national means. If the enemies of progress and human rights seek to exploit the openness and opportunities of globalization for their purposes, then we must exploit those very same factors to defend human rights and defeat the forces of crime, corruption and trafficking in human beings”……according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in a 2004 report.

Just like other partners/institutions, CHTEA marked the 2020 commemoration against trafficking in persons amid the Covid-19 pandemic. With increased social movement restrictions and distancing, it became clear that things had to take a different turn.

The national commemoration event was led by the Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTiP) Secretariat based at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. The Cabinet Secretary responsible led a team of high level government officials in running a webinar that brought together all stakeholders in this sector. CHTEA was actively involved in planning (was a member of the technical sub-committee) and the execution of the national activities.

On the Civil Society front, CHTEA was part of a high level national media engagement platform that delivered televised shows, feature stories in mainstream print media and a highly successful media documentary on cross border human trafficking. The following links take you to the various media engagement platforms used by CHTEA to commemorate 30th July 2020:

  1. - A panel discussion during a live morning show on Kenya Television Network on 30th July 2020
  2. - A 2 page pullout in People Daily newspaper, 30th July 2020.
  3. -a documentary by Kenya Television Network on a cross border rescue operation.

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  1. CHTEA also offered a digital interview (including a case study) to “Mtoto News”, a digital child protection platform

Useful Feedback

  1. Appeal - CHTEA wishes to kindly thank all those who donated generously towards our appeal for financial support. We are happy to report that we met our target (of USD $10,000) to support a back log of victims who have been on our waiting list. This was particularly important during this Covid-19 period as most of them were in extreme vulnerability.

To all of you, from CHTEA, we register our deepest appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the victims. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ restore you and replenish the desires of your hearts.

Incidentally, the victim numbers have continued to grow over the last few months, since the advent of Covid-19. We therefore kindly wish to encourage further donations towards this cause. CHTEA is currently involved with the return of hundreds of potential victims from the Gulf region (especially Lebanon). The first group of returnees from Lebanon will be arriving in Nairobi on 28th August 2020. Most of these (mostly ladies) returnees have been away for over 10 years, barely surviving on borrowed time. A number of the returnee ladies have babies hence, they will need a new psycho-social-economic beginning while others may need medical care.

CHTEA-Tanzania Chapter  Celebrates new Anti-Human Trafficking gains announced by the Government on 30th July 2020

The CHTEA Tanzania Chapter, otherwise known as “Jukwaa la Kupambana na Ulanguzi wa Binadamu” (a platform for counter human trafficking) consists of a multi-stakeholder membership. The platform, otherwise popularly referred to as the “Jukwaa” played an active role during the commemoration of the 2020 national event. Jukwaa was established in 2018 following two highly successful trainings at Singida. The Jukwaa’s secretariat is hosted by Faraja Centre, a lead agency in matters HIV/AIDS and Public Health.

Jukwaa is a platform which brings together stakeholders from both Government (police, prosecutors, health institutions, the municipal leadership) and non-State actors (the Faith Based Organizations, lawyers, community leaders, politicians, CBO’s and other NGO’s)

Unlike other countries, Tanzania was not able to carry out the national anti-human trafficking event on the 30th July 2020 due to the death of Mr Benjamin Mkapa, a former president and a peace icon in Africa. The Tanzanian Government had declared a national mourning period which included 30th July.

It was not until 11th August 2020, that the national anti-human trafficking commemoration event took place at Nashera Hotel, Dodoma City. The chief guest at the event was the Minister for Home Affairs, Mr George Simbachawene who made an unprecedented pronouncement that henceforth, all children under the age of 18 years would not be allowed to travel unaccompanied unless they have a letter from parents and their local administrator. This in effect would check on the excesses witnessed in the abuse of children in and outside of Tanzania.

While commenting on this declaration, the head of Faraja Center, Sr Catherine O’Grady, MMM said, “every small step counts in counter human trafficking. Who would have thought that the Government would make such a major step in protecting the rights of children against human trafficking?”

Above, the Minister for home affairs touring CSO exhibition stalls at Dodoma, Tanzania.

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