Rescue, Rehabilitation, Return and Re-integration

CHTEA invests in utilizing transitional safe houses for victims and vulnerable/potential victims of trafficking in persons as support and reintegration options get considered

CHTEA seeks to support victims and potential victims with alternative livelihood interventions through minimal capital investments after basic training in business skills. We have supported a number of returnees in their entrepreneurial ventures and we are happy with the milestones they have made, such is a big success story so far.

As an effort for re-integration, we foster education by supporting victims’ children of school-going age which has turned fortunes for hundreds of families so far. We have supported number of students who have completed school and supporting number of students in schools

A world free from human exploitation and trafficking and prosecution of the perpetrators

To create a trafficking-free environment through advocacy, lobbying and reintegration, and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims.

CHTEA seeks to redefine counter Trafficking in Persons’ (TIP) strategies through promotion of enhanced coordination, capabilities, skills, exposure, research and documentation; while at the same time seeking to offer holistic solutions to victims’ plight and design an arresting intervention for the perpetrators and/or traffickers. Working collaboratively with Government agencies, CHTEA seeks to advocate, train, advice and prepare policy briefs for sub-regional government policy makers as it may apply appropriately in an effort to create a synergized approach towards Trafficking in Persons and other transnational organized crimes.