Amina’s Story-The Life After

Amina* was trafficked to Saudi in 2011 and fell out with her employer the same year after experiencing a lot of abuses such as physical assault, repeated rape ordeals, extreme overworking, and confiscation of her travel documents and mobile phone. Before leaving Kenya, Amina* had been promised a monthly salary of $250 but unfortunately, wasn't paid anything during the time she was working. The employer had a household of up to 10 members and most of them were grown-up men (either children or relatives). She was further forced to work at other apartments that they visited over the weekends at no pay.

Amina* hardly had time to rest. She worked for at least 18 hours a day hence, she became sick. The only medication given to her was painkillers and this did not help clear the infection. Her health deteriorated while she was being forced to work without a break or any proper treatment. She feared she would die if she did nothing about her situation.

 One early morning, when her bosses had left for work, Amina pretended to be going to throw waste at the garbage bin outside the gate. She then ran as fast as her legs could take her until she was intercepted by a police van which took her to a detention camp. At the camp, she was detained for three years incommunicado. Her case was eventually processed after a jail term and one evening, she was whisked to the airport and deported back to Kenya without any evidence to show that she had worked since leaving the country. She arrived in August 2021 and CHTEA received her at the office in October, of the same year.

 Amina* is a mother of four beautiful children (three boys and one girl). After her return, CHTEA supported Amina in settling down. At the shelter, she received psychosocial support sessions and was later assisted to set up an income-generating activity in Rift Valley for financial sustainability. Before getting on her feet CHTEA supported Amina * with the secondary education of the two older boys. 

Amina* now runs a small business, in Rift Valley as in the picture below and we are proud of her hard work and resilience.Amina* can now comfortably support her family.

Thank you for your generous and continued support. Your support  enables  us to restore lives and dignity for other victims of Human Trafficking like Amina * 

*Amina is not her real name


  • Sr. Assumpta Marizu

    By Sr. Assumpta Marizu


    Well done for the good work. God bless you all

    • webadmin

      By webadmin


      Thank You Sr Assumpta, God bless you too.

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