CHTEA top leadership receiving one of the survivors from Saudi Arabia on the 9th of December 2021. The intervention was a collaborative effort between the Salvation Army(African Office) and CHTEA.

Sr Mary O’Malley, CHTEA Co-founder appending her signature on a contractual document for the Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) at the Tumaini Center, Nairobi, on 1st February 2022

Day 2, CHTEA participating in the SMG Africa conference. CHTEA was one of the leading organizations who organized the conference.

ILO training on child labour and forced labour and human trafficking in Nairobi on CAPSA project. Happen on October 2021.

Sr Mary O’Malley (right), Co-founder and Mr Mutuku Nguli (left), Co-founder show the CHTEA Certificate of Incorporation immediately upon receiving it from Mr Henry Mwaura, a Board Member on 10th February 2022.

Group photo taken on 30/03/22 at Kamkunji during an awareness creation session about human trafficking. The event was facilitated by the Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) and CHTEA team was the lead trainer.

CHTEA leadership team led by Sr Mary O’Malley (Patron and Board Chair), 2nd right and Mr Mutuku Nguli, the CEO, 1st right at a meeting with the Executive Director of Forum for Women on 18th January 2022 at their offices in Ngong

The above photo was taken on 22nd February 2022 during a Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) – 😭 evaluation exercise at Mombasa. On the extreme right is Mr Mutuku Nguli, the CHTEA-CEO who was the chief facilitator.

A group photo at the CHTEA offices after hosting a delegation from the Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) on the 3rd of February 2022. From left: Mutuku Nguli (CHTEA CEO), Brother Edmond, Program Officer (RAHT), Sr Mary O’Malley (Executive Patron, CHTEA), Sr Jackline Mwongela (RAHT) and George Matheka(Training Officer, CHTEA).

The CEO, Mutuku Nguli (second right), front row during a high level multi agency coordination meeting at Lake Naivasha Resort, 29th November-3rd December 2021.

Group photo taken during an awareness creation session facilitated by IOM. The main objective being; Fostering recruitment agencies’ ethical practices and accountability. Melody Bonareri from CHTEA was among the lead trainers.

Group photo taken on 06/04/22, during the 1st Information Sharing and Capacity Building Workshop for Law Enforcement and the Aid and Humanitarian Sector. CHTEA CEO, Mr. Mutuku Nguli (at the extreme left) was in attendance.

A group photo of the Religious Against Human Trafficking’s  partners. CHTEA is a key member of the network as represented by the CEO. On 27th May 2022

31st May 2022. A Focus Group Discussion … to develop baseline data for human trafficking, migrants and young adolescent Kenyan girls at Eastleigh, Nairobi.