Commemoration of the International Day Against Trafficking in Persons

This year’s National commemoration of the international day against trafficking in persons in Kenya took place at Nairobi’s Eastlands surbarb or Huruma. The choice of Huruma as a national focus for the event was symbolic of the challenging environment faced by densely populated and impoverished areas of the urban setting, the world over.

In collaboration with the Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) Secretariat through the Ministry of Public Service and Social Protection and in conjunction with the Advisory Committee, CHTEA spearheaded the coordination, presentation by survivors and the participatory process of the event.

The chief guest at the event was the Chair of the Advisory Committee. A key not speech was read by a representative of the Cabinet Secretary. Other key dignitaries included representatives from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT), the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and other Civil Society Organizations.

From a cross-section of the public feedback, those present affirmed that human trafficking was a reality and more prevalent within the informal settlements of the urban settings and the rural areas of Kenya. In a participatory way, the public feedback demonstrated deep understanding of the human trafficking dynamic and especially among the young population; mainly of female gender.

The 2022 Global theme was the “Use and Abuse of Technology”. Three survivors were at hand to demonstrate how technology was use and abused before, during and after their ordeals. They recounted how recruitment was perpetuated during the Covid advent by the use of technology………..use of phones, emails, online advertisement of jobs and pornographic sites, among other ways.

Below is a pictorial presentation of the day’s proceedings:

Group photo taken during the National Commemoration of the World Day Against Human Trafficking in Kenya. Stakeholders present included representatives from Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) Secretariat, the Advisory Committee, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT), Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, and various other institutions.

CHTEA Executive Patron, Sr. Mary O’Malley (left) during a conversation with Ms. Pravina Gurung, Programme Manager, IOM Kenya on the sidelines of the event.



One of the participants sharing their story about human trafficking during the commemoration of the World Day Against Human Trafficking Huruma grounds, Nairobi.

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