Cascading Of The Oversight And Community Feedback Mechanism Trainings At County And Community Levels Report


CHTEA is a member of a technical advisory committee appointed by the minister for Labour to steer a project called, “Fostering Recruitment Agencies’ Ethical Practices and Accountability & Supporting the Government of Kenya to Pilot a Recruitment Oversight Mechanism to prevent trafficking in persons”. This project is funded by IOM and it takes a multi-stakeholder approach that will contribute to the transformation of the recruitment industry in Kenya towards ethical recruitment practices.

The project is expected to support the creation of sustainable business models for recruitment of migrant workers that are consistent with international ethical recruitment standards. It will also address the drivers of human trafficking by enhancing ethical recruitment services on the supply side, while piloting an oversight mechanism with the National Employment Authority (NEA) to monitor and report unscrupulous practices by recruitment agencies.

In order to achieve the purpose of this project, IOM has been running a series of trainings to create awareness at the community level. CHTEA is currently identified as a trainer in this project, (among others organization) to offer skills transfer to a target audience that includes local administration (the chiefs), the Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), the clergy and Community based organizations.  The first such training took place at the Sarova Stanley hotel on April 21st – 22nd 2022

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