Commemorating the International Day on Counter Trafficking in Persons: 30th July 2021

The United Nations adopted the them of “Victims’ Voices Lead the Way” as the rallying call for the 2021 commemoration and awareness campaigns around the globe.

This year’s theme puts victims of human trafficking at the centre of the campaign and further highlights the importance of listening to and learning from survivors of human trafficking. The campaign was intended to portray survivors as key actors in the fight against human trafficking  while at the same time focusing on the crucial role they play in establishing effective measures to prevent human trafficking, identify and rescue victims and support them on their road to rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration.

CHTEA Commemoration activities and Media Engagement:

  • In collaboration with the Salvation Army-Anti Trafficking Unit in Kenya, CHTEA held a highly successful event in one of the informal settlements in Nairobi. It was started with a procession led by the Salvation Army band and over 20 outriders donning reflector jackets with anti-human trafficking messages besides two big banners with thematic messages for the day. The procession ended at an open-air ground where public speeches by Kenya Government representatives donned the peak of the day. Several media houses covered the event.
  • During the month of July 2021, the Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT), a Catholic network of religious Congregations and civil society partners organized a series of live radio shows targeting counter trafficking in persons’ awareness messaging. CHTEA participated in two (English and Swahili) of the shows at “Radio Waumini”.
  • Separately, CHTEA had series of interviews with a number of journalists from both international, Regional and National media houses during the month of July. These included DW (Germany), Radio France International, the Kenya Television Network (KTN), Nation (NTV), the People Daily, Switch TV, Ebru TV, TV47, Classic 105 and the Standard Newspaper.

Below is a pictorial and online links for the various activities, events, interviews and documentaries for this years’ commemoration: (KTN -English) (KTN -Kiswahili) (Radio France International) (Standard Newspaper pullout)’traffickers-use-technology-to-entrap-minors-87595/ (People Daily Newspaper)

CHTEA Banner in Kiswahili         

Global Anti-Human Trafficking slogan

Above: Top left and right – during the procession

Above: A government official addressing the public after the procession

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