The above-named boy went missing in November 2020. His mother, Sarah who is a single parent aged 35 lives at ‘Highway’ Estate, Nairobi. Fabs started engaging with other boys from the environs of Mukuru and surrounding areas. They had been moving around the residential areas especially during the period of Covid-19. It was believed that some of the boys were already members of feared Gaza gangs.

Fabs disappeared from the family for more than a week and his mother reported and recorded the matter at the local police Station under OB N0. 30/30/11/2020. Later, she went ahead to search for her son but all in vain. One evening, she received a call from one of her friends who informed her that she had sighted her son with a group of other children who were believed to be “the disciples of Gaza”, and that the boy had completely changed his dress code.

The mother left what she was doing and rushed to rescue her son but first, she had to arrange for security by mobilizing police officers because the Gaza gangs are a ruthless lot. When she got to the scene, she couldn’t figure out why her son was wearing a lady’s dress as well as putting on breasts like caricatures on his chest. When the boy saw his mother, he shouted at top of his voice……, “Mum, what are you doing here”? That was the time when the mother recognized the voice of her son.  With the help of the security officers they managed to rescue the boy and took him back home to their home. The mother tried to question the boy regarding what happened. She later realized that the boy was recruited by a group of boys who later handed him over to their “Boss” at Ashton Villa based in the neighboring Estate. The boy explained that he was later placed in a room with other two men and two ladies with firm instructions that he must comply and conform to whatever he was asked to do.

The boy was sexually abused and forced to move in with other men for sexual favors……. all this while, the gang leader got paid for his services. He was placed under strict surveillance by a gang master who constantly monitored his movements.   The boy further explained that he was not alone as there were other children from other slums within Nairobi who were facing the same kind of exploitation (both boys and girls). It was clear that the illegal business was sustained by provision of high-quality security from the gangs.

Action Taken

Once the victim got home, he expressed suicidal thoughts to his mother who in turn embraced him close to herself and reported the case once again to the local Police Station, recorded a statement and booked an OB No. 105/20/01/2021 for further investigation and follow up with the case. The mother later took the boy to the nearest Hospital (Mama Lucy) for further medical checkup. Tests confirmed that the boy was involved in anal sex for a period of more than a month. He was however HIV negative even though issued with preventive emergency medication (PEPs).

Current Status

The mother is now in need of a safe space to help the boy reform and get back on his feet and back to school. This case was reported to CHTEA by a Community Volunteer based at the vicinity of the incident. Once the report was received, a further contact was made with the Anti Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHTCPU) of the Police who took over the case from the local police station where the matter was first reported to. In conjunction with CHTEA, the AHTCPU offered professional counselling services to the victim as well as sought out for a safe house.

The case however took a new turn when the boy expressed interest to go back to his previous school and disengage from the gang life. This happened after counselling. The case is still being processed and CHTEA remains available to support the victim alongside the police children’s unit.

Note: Names and identities of both the boy (victim) and the mother have been changed to protect them from any harm



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