This is an area of very serious concern to us, and we propose to delve deeper into this phenomenon in subsequent issues of our Newsletter.  At the height of the Covid 19 crises in Italy, the Pornhub were sending free premium subscriptions throughout the pandemic time.  Now they have extended this offer to the rest of the globe.  The move comes amid efforts from authorities around the world to stop the spread of Covid 19 as people are encouraged to stay home in self isolation and home-schooling.

Pornography is a form of violence against women and a means of promoting misconceptions of gender, human worth and dignity.  Prostitution is closely allied to pornography, it cheapens human sexuality and furthers a culture in which people are bought and sold.  It is not a victimless crime.  The real victim is our self-worth and our ability to genuinely value others.  Pornography thrives in a sexualised commercial culture and no society is immune to the messages given about human worth and dignity.

The Drivers of Demand

These are all the major drivers of Demand and millions of young women and children are its victims – the age gets younger and younger with a preference for the pre-pubertal child.  Coupled with this demand is the free availability of pornography on all online sites – in my own research, I found that it is currently being accessed by children as young as 7 years old, the peak is at 11 years old.

The Physical & Emotional Toll

In youths exposed to porn sites it is a growing process and they become bonded to it very quickly.  It is in effect one of the most serious addictions of our age, although this is never seriously discussed or seen as an issue like we view drugs and alcoholic addiction.  In young adulthood there is a combination of greed and lust, even with intense psychotherapy these images can never be deleted from the mind.  It is almost as if these images are inscribed on the frontal lobe of the brain and for the person addicted to porn these images flash across the mind at any future sexual encounters.  Addicted person may have such a serious absorption in porn that all other concerns of life, careers, studies and job are lost not to mention the loss of family when spouses come to realize they were in fact married to some kind of ‘weird person’

According to the author Gail Dines “Pornland” there are 20,000 new Porn images posted on the net each week.  Each image of children viewed in porn sites means a REAL child has been abused in this grotesque manner, it is possible even to hear the cries and screams of a child being abused. This ought to stir our minds and set new standards for our children – for them and for our generations, yet to come.

Pornhub Destroys

Porn on tap is the last thing we need in any country of the world let alone in our country. Yet sadly during this time of Covid-19, opportunistic marketers at Pornhub are trying to push increased usage as people are indoors finding themselves desperately looking for entertainment options.

Let’s draw a line in the sand TODAY and send the message to Pornhub that enough is enough. Their soul-destroying content is not welcome in our country.

Kindly click the link below to read more; READ MORE HERE

(We will continue to offer further reflections on this topic in our next issue)

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