Fostering Collaboration to Combat Human Trafficking: Insights from the Kenyan Workshop

The recent Kenyan Anti-Trafficking CSO-CTIP Coordination Workshop held from January 31 to February 1, 2024, at the ParkInn Hotel in Nairobi, showcased a significant step forward in the fight against human trafficking in Kenya. Organized by the Better Migration Management III Programme (BMM III), the workshop brought together over 30 participants, including key government partners, civil society organizations (CSOs), and BMM implementing partners.

The two-day workshop was designed to foster collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to counter trafficking of human beings effectively. With a focus on building partnerships for 2024 and sharing updates from the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Secretariat (CTIP). The event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and action.

Above: CSO-CTIP Coordination Workshop: Learning topics as mapped out

Participants engaged in discussions ranging from joint activity planning to coordination on service provision and partnerships. Through working groups and presentations, attendees identified areas for joint learning, developed activity planning tools, and gained a deeper understanding of CTIP-CSO activities for the year ahead.

The workshop's hybrid format allowed for both in-person and online participation, ensuring active engagement of stakeholders across Kenya. Overall, the outcomes of the workshop are expected to guide CSO activities throughout the year, strengthening the collective effort to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable populations in Kenya.

The success of the workshop underscores the importance of collaboration and coordination in addressing complex issues like human trafficking and highlights the power of collective action in driving positive change.

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