Dear Sisters And Brothers– I offer to each of you Today

A cry from the heart of Mary.

A call to hear the pain

Of the hearts of millions

Our very own sisters and brothers too.

Women, children they cry.

Can we listen? dare we listen?

Can they touch our hearts?

Lead us out beyond our petty cares.

The downtrodden and impoverished

These must pull our hearts.

Till all we thought we knew before,

Now turns us full circle,

To see the past with thanks, and

Standing in this precious moment now

With thoughtful, pondering hearts.

Dare we glimpse the future

Bringing us to this new dawn,

A different way - and

Hold the hands of those abused,

Embrace them as our sisters now

Hold them in the warm embrace

Of visitation moment,

Where new life stirs.

To set them free and feel new life again,

And in the freeing and the opening,

we can change our world.

just for a while and know,

The founding charism

Tingle in our every cell & bones,

and breathe new life in all of us,

and feel the heart of Mary,

throb in our very souls,

at each new day a call.

Where love & misery meet,

and we become life bearers of compassion,

from deep within the heart of God”


Sr. Mary O’ Malley, MMM

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