Christian and Muslim Reflection.

Muslims around the world have welcomed Ramadan (in March), a full month of fasting, increased worship, heightened charity, good deeds, and community life. Christians as well are also fasting during this Lenten period, (the 40-day period of penance and prayer) ahead of Easter, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The fast for both faiths help believers to purify their souls, renew their faith, seek forgiveness, and increase self-discipline within the tenets of our Supreme God. It is also a time to re-focus on what is most important and positive virtues in  believers’ lives.

However, even as we share and observe this holy season collectively, some of our fellow brothers and sisters who are/were victims of human trafficking still face challenges with reintegration due to stigma and the aftermath of abuse. Human trafficking (also known as Trafficking In Persons) is the trade of humans for forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the benefit of the trafficker. Everyone, particularly women and girls are at the risk of being victims of Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking, in any form is prohibited and condemned in both Christianity and Islam for the sole reason of violating human rights and the dignity of victims/survivors. 

CHTEA therefore makes a passionate call to action for both Christian and Muslim Faithfuls to rededicate themselves during this HOLY period, to take up the initiative of advocacy and speak up against any form of human trafficking and to support survivors of human trafficking as well as report any cases of human trafficking at their jurisdictions.

To report any cases of human trafficking in and/or outside of Kenya, you can reach out to us on or

Call any of the following numbers:

Counter Human Trafficking Trust-East Africa (CHTEA) - +254701339204

Religious Against Human Trafficking (RAHT) - toll free 0800721361

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) – toll free 0800722203

Child Line – toll fee 116

Gender Based Violence - 1195

Forum for Women (FODDJ) +25411350768

Police 999 and 112

In case you are within the East African region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo), feel free to share any emergency reporting lines which exist in your own countries (State or Non-State) so that we can make them a permanent feature in our monthly newsletter for public use.

Counter Human Trafficking Trust-East Africa (CHTEA) wishes you and your loved ones a happy and bountiful Easter and Ramadan Seasons ahead.


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