What can i bring?

The wounded face of Christ pleads with me – what does it say?  How can I minister in this broken space of human life?  He speaks “Remain in my love” Jn 15: 9.  I know I can’t give it out unless I am ready to be broken as bread for the world.

God is tortured, sin abounds – victims of Human Trafficking are treated as slaves – used and abused.  Innocence is destroyed if only we can prevent it.  Poverty reaches back into the deepest recesses of our remote areas to the most appalling slums on earth and certainly in Africa.  Our capital city (Nairobi) in Kenya is a fermented mix of the slum poor struggling to survive on Euro 1. Per day.  In such an environment the poorest ones are prone to grasp at any small hope of survival, the ‘push’ factors drive them on relentlessly.  The logic which makes sense to them is reasoned thus ‘surely going on a flight to the Middle East can only bode of something worthwhile’  

The Bitter Reality

Sadly, in less than a twenty-four hour period of departure from the International airport, the outcome turns extremely bitter and very cruel.  Passports and phones are confiscated on arrival by the bosses of the intended place of employment. There are no options given. ‘Julie’ is effectively stripped of her freedom and she becomes the ‘property’ of others.  She is in a foreign land but who cares?   With no salary, Arabic, phone, or passport she is merely a utility in a house of strangers.

As I watch her sorry state, I secretly pray, let the waters of life gush over this poor one who is God’s daughter.  The way ahead is clearer now – what can it mean to take up the task of Rescue, Restore, Rehabilitate, Reintegrate, and Repatriate? I become the privileged one to pour out the nard of God’s love on such troubled souls. Now, I feel a new strength to return to the fray of frontline mission and through God’s power I am ever ready to minister, smile, listen, and hold hands of praise and care.  I adore and praise God who has led me along this way of being a Medical Missionary of Mary, (MMM).

It is an aura of a sense of God’s Holy Ground, where I stand now and accept to go forward to the end along a road that is ever more uncertain and to horizons infinitely more and more drowned in mist.

Mary O’Malley, MM

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