Why do I use the word ‘Awesome’ here in referring to this Holy week in human history?  It is not just about the Christian story, our redemption and the full story of Celebration of the God-man Jesus Christ who died for us that we might live. It is not just in/for this present time but also that we shall meet Him as we head into the threshold of eternity. We stand at a moment when our fears alone can totally overwhelm us.   We feel locked-down and resent it.  We feel mentally caged-in, our usual ‘haunts’ are out of bounds – why should we have to submit to all this?  In some respects, we resemble the ’terrible-twos’ who must protest: No! No! No!

We like to think we are in control but we are not in the least in control.  An invisible virus holds each human person in its ferocious grip and the world waits for a perfect vaccine.  But sadly, the most perfect vaccine eludes us and leaves many scientists baffled.

We are bombarded on all sides – we can rarely find any interesting news points to salve our spirits.  Yet, we have chores to do, children to raise, a monthly wage package to bring home.  We are often warned in advance by the news reader that we will find this information disturbing – and lo! I can hardly ‘stomach’ it.  Today we had to face again the endless brutality meted out to the citizens of Myanmar, a military who use a ‘scorch-earth’ annihilation of their very own people.  Now they are chased away by the Thai regime who refuse to offer them any semblance of human decency and care.   Each living soul in that recent militarized country stand on the precipice of disaster, where pain and tragedy blend to crush and dampen their newborn democracy.

These are difficult and unpredictable times indeed. What with Covid-19 numbers increasing in Africa and more deaths, there is sadly, a growing state of Covid-19 millionaires through corruption, weak health systems and poor governance.

The “Passion” of Christ during this Holy Week should enkindle a renewed hope and human transformation towards a greater prosperity and more humane virtues of life. To win this war, we must be united in our Words and Deeds inspired by the forthcoming Resurrection of Jesus Christ and in the eternal of life after death.

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