What of Victims’ Families?


Did you ever think what it must be like if you were the parent/s of a Trafficked Victim?  S/he is gone for three years now and you’ve no idea if your son or daughter is dead or alive.  Of course the agent had promised she could call home anytime and it all sounded wonderful plus a wage packet that would help defray family debts and pay for siblings’ education.

Finally, ‘Lucy’ did come home but she was no longer the ‘bubbly’ teenager you knew. She was sad and cried a lot though she did her utmost to fight back tears.  We know that this family paid the ultimate price.  They literally had endless months and years of a “Roller Coaster” of pain, anxieties and major expenses.  Each new day their bitter agony arose with the sun and often continued deep into the night with the shrieking nightmares ‘Lucy’ was having.

The medical and psychotherapy expenses were catastrophic and dwindled all their savings and whatever resources they could find.  Some few friends helped a bit but they too have their own families and need what scarce resources they have to sustain themselves and the education of their children.  We have learned from reliable sources that agents destroy all records once the person they trafficked has reached the other side or whatever destination they had intended to send the person (who is now their victim).

What of the authorities who prepare passports and later some other authorities who facilitate their passage through our International Airport – they must know in their hearts who is a minor in years but whose date of birth is falsified.  What of the millions and billions of every currency in the world which is made by those in the sex industry?  There is a plethora of crime syndicates and heartless individuals whose contacts extend deep into the slums (where 60% of Nairobians live) and most remote areas of Kenya.  These too ‘Push’ the finest of our young people into unknown and dangerous places.

Sadly. it is women who are most skilled and ruthless in this whole trade of violence and rape.  The victims are forced to have sex with many men at any hour of the day or night.  Will there be a day of Judgement?  When will all our nations, authorities and people of goodwill wake up and say “enough is enough” the flesh trade must end NOW.  This together with all the purveyors of HARD PORN which ignite passions and fuel the DEMAND for purchased sex it creates around the world.


More than our physical environment need a good ‘clean up’ In our world and in Kenya there is a vast unseen ‘under-the-rug’ type of lethal violence unfolding at each moment of every day.  For humanity’s sake it is in all our best interests to give it our attention and be proactive in eliminating this new Slave Trade.

Mary O’ Malley


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