‘Stacy’ is a young girl coming from a family of two siblings aged 8 and 3 years and a step-father. They reside in Mukuru kwa Njenga. Her mother, runs a business of selling chicken at Pipeline Estate.

‘Stacy’ did her KCPE in 2019 and joined Topline Mixed Secondary School at Mukuru.  But she only remained in school for two weeks due to lack of fees. Since then, she has not be in good terms with her mother.


The problem between the mother and ‘Stacy’ started immediately the schools were closed due to Corona virus pandemic. On one occasion, her mother came home drunk at around 11pm and requested her daughter to go out and buy food for the family. She argued that it was late and that she might be confronted by the police who can easily arrest her. The mother immediately started assaulting her.

Later, due to the environment she was exposed to by her mother, she decided to leave. She walked in and out of the village searching for an operating Kiosk but all in vain. She decided to go back empty handed even though she anticipated a tough reaction from the mother because she was drugged. Her mother assaulted her severely and send her out of the house claiming that she does not belong to that family and that she collected her in a ‘heap of garbage’

‘Stacy’ had no choice but to seek refuge at her uncles’ house at that time of the night which was some miles away despite the risks she was prone to at that time. The second occasion was on a Sunday morning when ‘Stacy’ as her normal duties, she woke up at around 6am in the morning and started preparing breakfast. After breakfast at around 8am, the mother saw her dressing up for Sunday service. She was immediately curious to know where she was going? ‘Stacy’ informed her mother that she was preparing for Sunday service. The mother reprimanded her that she was not going anywhere. As ‘Stacy’ tried to argue that she wanted to attend to a church service, the mother slapped her and punched her with a big blow on her left side of her stomach. She immediately collapsed.

‘Stacy’ has been sharing her experience about her mother with her uncle who has being supportive in times of need.

This report was brought to the attention of CHTEA by a community volunteer based at the Mukuru. ‘Stacy’ was advised to report the incident to Imara Daima Police Post. The victim had a swollen left side of the stomach due to the assault from her mother. Medical care was immediately arranged for ‘Stacy’ before the investigating officer secured a P3 police form to prosecute the mother. A safe house was identified and ‘Stacy’ was immediately placed in as CHTEA coordinates her further support for education and protection.


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